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Trial of Kimberly Potter, ex-cop who killed Daunte Wright, begins with testimony from victim's mother and police officer

Daunte Wright's mother and a police officer took the stand Wednesday as the first two witnesses in the manslaughter trial of Kimberly Potter, who has said she mistook her gun for a Taser when she killed Wright during a traffic stop.

Montana asks for federal protection of many of its grizzly bears to be lifted. This would allow hunting for first time in decades

Montana's governor is seeking to end protections for some grizzlies, a move that -- if approved by federal officials -- could allow hunting of the bears for the first time in decades.

A Black man is entitled to a new trial after an all-White jury deliberated in a room filled with Confederate symbols, court says

A Tennessee court has decided a Black man convicted of aggravated assault deserves a new trial because evidence was improperly admitted and the jury deliberated in a room filled with tributes to the Confederacy, according to court documents.

Obama says GOP gerrymandering is 'not how democracy is supposed to work'

Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday said "the stakes could not be higher" for democracy as he skewered Republican redistricting efforts and attempts to codify voting restrictions in state laws.

Analysis: Twisted Covid politics scramble Washington's partisan battlefield

The message from Capitol Hill on Wednesday night was clear. Nearly two years after the pandemic began, with a new coronavirus variant sweeping the US, the search for bipartisan political consensus on the way forward continues, with no end in sight.

10 things you didn't know are in the Democrats' Build Back Better bill

A sweeping $1.9 trillion spending plan, known as the Build Back Better bill, is making its way through Congress and could make a key part of President Joe Biden's economic agenda a reality.

Pressley introducing resolution to strip Boebert of committee assignments

Progressive Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts is introducing a resolution, cosigned by other progressives, that would strip Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of her committee assignments for her anti-Muslim and racist comments toward Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Intel CEO: The best way to fix America's chip shortage

For almost a year, US companies and consumers have had to navigate a global chip shortage. Even among Covid-19 disruptions, this shortage stands out as uniquely impactful — semiconductors are a critical part of every digital device, powering our phones, cars, hospitals and factory floors.

Why Dollar Tree's price hike to $1.25 could be 'one of the worst decisions in retail history'

In 1986, three retail veterans opened a chain of stores in the southeast named Only $1.00. They were building upon the concept of a store they had stumbled across called Everything's A Dollar, and thought they could do it better.

3 Better.com executives resign after CEO lays off 900 over Zoom

Days after Better.com's CEO unceremoniously fired 900 people over Zoom, several executives are handing in their resignation letters.

Nurse surprised with having mortgage, taxes paid for 2022

Refugee writes books to help children

Student suspected in paintball attack on homeless

Woman dies after car plunges into Niagara River

Wrongfully-convicted man released after 27 years

Coney Island looking for artist for welcome mural

Former priest accused of filming boy in bathroom

Waitress accused of altering tips from customers

Transportation Dept. looks for extra plow drivers

Ex-Navy football star dies during training exercise

Border agents seize nearly 900 pounds of marijuana

Sixteen co-workers win $1 million Powerball prize

Man scammed out of $13,000 after calling fake line

OK death row inmate appealing to Supreme Court

Parent refers to school Care Room as 'The Dungeon'

Plump bear, black wolf captured on trail cameras

Park is becoming inclusive for all to enjoy

Abandoned dogs, snakes seized from house

71-year-old man shot, killed while heading to store