1) Certainty.

2) Un-certainty.

3) Significance

4) Love and Connection

5) Growth

6) Contribution.


1) Certain that I have a job. Certain that this person will be there for me.

2) Un-certainty or variety in life, do something new in life, go somewhere you have never been.

3) Significance, I feel significant that I am good at what I do. People appreciate my good work.

4) Love and connection. People love me for who I am, I have friends.

5) I grow as a human being. I learn something new every day and I become a better person.

6) Give back what you know. Share your knowledge.

These are the 6 human needs, but each of us weighs them differently, for some the most important need can be “significance” for some it is
“love and connection” for some it is a “certainty”. It also changes as we grow in life. In the end, the most important need should become “growth and contribution” because that change who you are. It is not what you have, it is who you become that matters.

Social media in business..

December 23, 2010

Couple of things which I have seen relevant.

The pure capitalistic way will not work in social media. I feel the rules are changing for doing business. If companies are not changing it is hard to stay float.

  • Social media is not free and it is not about you…
  • Social media will not take you to next level. It will help.
  • Social media cannot make up for a bad product or service.
  • Listen first and always listen
  • Try to get a picture of who your customers are, and who you want them to be.
  • convert your current customers.
  • Respond to all of the bad comments.
  • Respond to the good comments too.
  • Determine formal or informal ways you can reward your most loyal and influential customers.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be honest & transparent.
  • Ask a lot of questions?
  • Provide value for free.
  • Share stories.
  • Inspire your customers to share stories
  • Use social network ads carefully & efficiently
  • Admit when you f—k up - & then use it for your advantage.
  • Consistently deliver excitement, surprise, & delight
  • Don’t sell! Just make it hard for customers to say no.

Social media ads

December 20, 2010

Did any one of us fealt that ads we are seeing in facebook are so relevant to our interest.

This feature is called Interest based advertising. This is more relevant in social media and even in google.

Those in the age of 10-20 will see ads based on their age criteria. This is pretty common in ad advertising but I am not sure where the new social media companies are going to take this going forward.

Imagine we posted in facebook "planning to buy a new car" and getting a call next minute from a car dealer. Hopefully this wont go to that extend,I feel as there are privacy issues.

Even they show ads based on the users browsing history. Imagine reading our browsing history and showing ads based on it. It is like people coming to our house and asking us to buy stuff, by looking into our stuff. "Your TV is old why don't you buy a new one ?". Umm we don't know what technology is up for ?

One more new feature :)

“some of the users on social networks often do not populate their profiles to include all of their interests and other personal information “As a result, using personal information in ad targeting is typically not available for all members of the social network. Traditional ad targeting techniques are thus limited because they can reach only a subset of the members in the social network for whom the ads are intended. so they will reach out to users friends interest to show them ads.” This patent is basically used to fill that gap of users. They don't want to miss any one.

Please see the link below.

One patent from facebook

Social media in our life..

December 17, 2010

What is social media.. ? How is it going to change my life.. ? Is it where I can waste most of my time chatting and sharing my content..? Can I do something better..? There is a lot of real hype on Social media. How many are really benefiting from it..? Is it face book and twitter ? There are a lot of doughts..

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.. (Mark Zuckerberg) founded a company which is worth billions of dollars in less than 5 years.. Whether any one did something similar ? What he did right? :)

There are a lot of predictions about face book, Whether It going to reduce the presence of Google.?

Couple of things I have seen relevant in Social media

1) Imagine some one is using Google PPC for marketing and sales. If he is using face book instead, what is the advantage ? Imagine I am looking for a physician in my home town. I searched using google. I got a lot of results. I will pick one of them who has a good website and consulting fee is affordable. Do I know anything about this person, other than what he tells in his website. Ofcourse we are not going to get any idea until we meet him and agreed to pay the money. Imagine I used face book. I have lot of friends and one of my friend already been to that physician and he has written a good comments about that person. Do you think whether we think twice.. Face book is really taking over Google in some of the smaller markets because it has more than 1/2 billions users....

2) One of the Question which came to my mind. If small business have a face book profile, do they really need a website ? There are a lot of answers. The prediction is one day small companies will never use a website. They will be able to do everything using face book profile. I am not thinking that now..

3) How do I get good response for my posts, so that my post come on top of news feed. ? I feel it is all about how we look at it, the best way I feel is to ask Questions ? It a place where you need to think, what others think and feel about your post..

4) How much I need to spend on SEM(Search engine marketing)? There is a lot of available prices in the market. I feel it is better to be legitimate. Know what you are doing and things will work out gradually. Give as much information as you can and make you profile as visible as it can and encourage people to come to your website.

5) As many of you know there are a lot of people making a living by just tweeting. How cool that job would be right.. :)

6) As many of you know face book has a development platform. In future it can replace all the personal software's available in the market. Imagine having all your mails, bank accounts, your company, credit card info etc in a common place which is very user friendly and simple. Many of us now forget our email accounts as we have a lot of them.

7) Can we integrate google in facebook ? So me as a developer don't need to search code each and every time. I can save my searches to my profile.

if you really want to do some social media stuff reach out these guys.. likeable They are pretty cool. They live on facebook. I went to their party on Friday, It was pretty cool.