Op Manager

September 4, 2019


I have been working on website/Application development for many years. This tool is really helpful, there are a lot of tools that provide these features. It is up to us to choose which one to use. 

What we made with this tool looks awesome.




We had a TV in our development team space and we project these graphs on the TV. It looks awesome. Anyone who comes to the room can tell how the production servers are doing.

1) Certainty.

2) Un-certainty.

3) Significance

4) Love and Connection

5) Growth

6) Contribution.


1) Certain that I have a job. Certain that this person will be there for me.

2) Un-certainty or variety in life, do something new in life, go somewhere you have never been.

3) Significance, I feel significant that I am good at what I do. People appreciate my good work.

4) Love and connection. People love me for who I am, I have friends.

5) I grow as a human being. I learn something new every day and I become a better person.

6) Give back what you know. Share your knowledge.

These are the 6 human needs, but each of us weighs them differently, for some the most important need can be “significance” for some it is
“love and connection” for some it is a “certainty”. It also changes as we grow in life. In the end, the most important need should become “growth and contribution” because that change who you are. It is not what you have, it is who you become that matters.

This is something which all the clients ask you when you are working for a small firm or when you work as an Independent freelancer. Do we have an answer for this ? Really ya... Any way from 100$ to ~(Infinity). In my experiences I have been in all the places. Working for a forture 500 where they spend millions of $ developing site to the best way possible. I also worked for small clients where I could complete developing a site in a day or 2. So it is kind of tricky to answer this Question. when I was hit with this Question I used to ask "what kind of budget are you looking at ?" This was giving a wrong impression to the clients who has no Idea how to develop a website because they thought i was trying to get as much money as I can but really I was not. Then I started answering the question a bit differently. I was amazed to see the responce. I will tell I can get something up and running for 100$ then some of the clients are a bit relectent to appeciate my skills. To be Frank there is no real answer to this Question. You can develop a site in any amount of $. I created my site up and running in 2 days then it was all about writing the content periodically. How much google spend to keep their site up and running.. ? Most of the people dont know what they need so we have to give some idea to educate them with what they need based on their busineess needs. This is too broad an area. you can go with 10$ hosting from godaddy or have a dedicated load balenced server farm. Who needs what is so important.


I used to talk to a lot of people in this area to get an idea of what we should be looking for.?


1) Are we making any profit from the site which is the key. If we are making a 1000$ a day trust me 10$ hosting with godaddy is not enough. some will argue yes we can then it comes to what is right and what is not right.

2) No of users is another key factor. 

3) what kind of data are we showing also matters. Privacy , Size of data etc, I can go on like this for another 2-3 hours.

Best thing I will say is talk to as many people as you can and gather as much details as you can and think a bit about the future plans before you decide on something.