Documentation using confluence

February 13, 2020

When we talk about documentation, what comes first to my mind is a word document.

Is there a better way to manage  documentation? A couple of other questions which come to mind are: 

Is there a better way to organize the content? 

Is there a better way to link and share the content?

Is there a better way to make the content accessible?

Today I am going to propose a solution. Which is a product called confluence from atlassian.

Some of the features and advantages are.

  1. Multiple users can collaborate.
  2. Searching for content is easier
  3. We can use analytics to see the benefits and uses of the site.




Some additional styling and features.


Op Manager

September 4, 2019

I have been working on website/Application development for many years. This tool is really helpful, there are a lot of tools that provide these features. It is up to us to choose which one to use. 

What we made with this tool looks awesome.




We had a TV in our development team space and we project these graphs on the TV. It looks awesome. Anyone who comes to the room can tell how the production servers are doing.