We as human beings judge people a lot by looks, what we wear etc...In animals, cats are not like humans they won’t judge by looks, like what color the other cat is like Grey, black, has strips etc. They sense it. The only animal in the world who will go and do massacre is human beings. Lions will not go and say let’s kill all the deers u know. They will kill one eat one. So we are different in the way we think.

People tell us what to do early in our life and we will do what they say, forget about what we really want or what we really are. We follow their template.Most of the people in the world follow a template for life. Like study well, go to good college, marry a guy, have a kid, raise them etc. There are people who are not like that too, they are just different.

We have to be happy with what we have. It is hard for human beings because we always want a better job, more money etc. we forget to live in the present and always looks for either the past or the future. We will always be more happier when we don't try to change the way people think and try to change the way we think. It helps us.

The girl I am dating/Married to can do what she wants, but my thoughts are going to be in my control. I need to change the way I think. whatever she does. I don't care. I will try to control the way I think and I will be fine. Even if I lose the job or loose the house or anything. My thoughts have to be in my control.

I cannot break down. I am going to work on it. Whoever "stays still without breaking" are those who are stable, no matter what happens to them.


Now I do whatever I want, when I want. I am like the guy who don't care, I join a new  gym when I want, as soon as I don't like the old gym.  That is good for some time, when we really grow in life is learn to accept that it is a stage in life and enjoy it. There is a point in life when we will be bored of it. I am not there yet but for sure I will be one day. Then I am and I will be, willing to share a life with someone. That is a stage when you grow more, when we are pushed to a corner and accept it. We don't respond because we learn to deal with it and be stronger. That is the point when we make changes in our life to accept other person, we don't change other person. we make changes in our life because it is easier and that is all we have to do.

Always don't forget Light always wins over darkness.