This is something which I was thinking of writing for a long time.

·         Did we go to gym and see guys who train only their arm and chest?

·         Do we see guys who have tiny legs and big upper body?

·         Why do this happen?

·         Did we ever train our lower back?


There are couple of reason why guys work out. They need big arms. They need big chest.

If that is only the goal then, fine you guys are good but you know what if there is no symmetry. You are like the kid who went to community college. It does the job. Is that what we are looking for or do we need to be like an Ivy League.

1) Health is wealth.

2) The muscles we develop need to be in proportion. The symmetry is everything.

How do we do that?

1) This is not something you can achieve in a day. No matter what. This needs to be a lifelong habit and gradually over the years you will become healthy and build.

2) I know guys who cannot walk 10 stories but they have huge arms. Is that any good?

There comes cross fit.

1) If you need the stamina of a runner and if you need the power of a power lifter. You are in good hands “cross fit” will do the job. Then some guys will say I want to be a bit built also then work out on your normal body building stuff 1-2 days a week. Rest should be cross fit or basically what I am saying is it should be a full body work out. You need to work you whole body. Pump your heart to the max and then so some strength exercise.

Eating health is another thing. None of this is possible without that. Do all the outdoor stuff? Stay active. If you can do some running or swimming etc. it is great.

Trust me guys there are guys who are so healthy like I know a person who is 57 but if I see him for the first time I will surely ask him whether he is 35. Working-out plays a big role in your life.