We always come into situatuons where like ooo.. we want to use java or perl to develop this.. umm.. ok.. I am into .net if you want me to write this in .net I can do it in half the time. No.. We need to use a third party language.

 If it is .net  then it is a piece of cake.We create proxy using svcutil.exe and call the service using the proxy.

How do we create a proxy for Java or coldfusion Implementation ?

I was stuck with the same question and I need to provide a solution. um.. google..as always so I thought I share something which I found.
Whether the wsdl generated by WCF works with these applcations. Ummm.. Let me tell you we can modify the WSDL a lot using configuration and creating extension methods.so basicaly what we need to do is to modify the schema so that the clients can consume it. so basicaly we need to know what kind of WSDL will be supported by the clients and we need to customize the WCF to generate a wsdl in those lines. so sometimes it is timeconsuming and one more thing u can do is to expose another endpoint with the updated wsdl so the existing service will run with out any issue and the other third parties can consume the new endpoint with the updated wsdl.

I came accross an article which i used and was really benificial in changing the wsdl.

How do we create proxy in Java ? What we can do.
The below url explains a step by step way to consume a WCF service in Java platform using a tool  called Metro which basically handles the creation of proxy.