This is something which I learned from my mom. Thanks to mom for sharing the knowledge.

There are three things which guide a human being in making decisions in life.

1) Knowledge of the idea.
2) Emotional Quotient for the idea.
3) Finaly making the decision.

It is always recomended to have a balance among all these components to make a right decisions. If one ways more than another we always end up making a wrong decision.

E.g Imaging the case of buying a car.

Every one wants to get the most beautifull and the best. How much value are we putting into our knowledge ? whether it is worth buying, spending that amount of money ? Is it really usefull ?
I feel someone who can balance all these will be making a good decision. It applies to all walks of life.

Dreams or achivements and reality.

These are three things which plays an important role in our life.Every one wants to be a millionare, but how many are ?
These are the three questions which ever one should know the answer for ?

1) What I am capable of ?
2) Am I doing anything to get there ?
3) Is it realistic ?

These questions are something which we need to ask ourself. If there is a real difference between these then we will have a lot of issues , like depression, suicide and a lot more. The basic point drills down to understanding who I am ? What I am capable of ? and what I need to look for ? If we know the answers to all these question I feel we solve a lot of issues in our life.

If we want a big mansion and if we are not doing anything about it , then there will be very rare chance of we buying a mansion.If we dream about it and if we cannot get it, then we will end up in depression and negative thoughts in mind. so it is always best to know the answer to the above questions.

I happened to go to one of the tech meetup in NYC.
So i happened to see some cool products, so i thought I will share some of them with you.

After going to meetup's I feel i need a separate brain so that i can process everything what I heard. There is a huge explosion of new trends and products lines so it feels like someone said “60% of the existing companies will perish in next 10 years.” I kind of started thinking whether it is true.

This is the one i really liked. I always watch a lot of videos in different sites and it is hard for me find it after some time. mostly technology videos. I always thought about having a common place for all my favorite videos. here comes As I am in office before heading home I browse a no of videos which i want to see on my way home, so that I can use that time properly. To your knowledge i am talking about presentation from technology gurus.. Of course I can watch movie too.. It is our choice whether to use it for good or bad....This comes handy. I can add all my videos into my profile and i can watch one after another on my phone.

This is basically a google analytics for DB. You can monitor the data in the db like how many rows got inserted today. Whether the row count is crossing a limit. What tables are used most often? This is pretty easy to develop too. The only thing is for ui actions we need to run scripts in the db. At present this does not support sql but i am sure this will in future. This is definitely a nice one.


I happened to see the presentation of this product from the ceo and founder. To be honest i didn’t like the presentation but the product and concept i liked. There is a lot to be done in this product. I work in downtown and try to use this to find a nice restaurant but i couldn’t find any nearby. That is sad but the product is promising if we have all the restaurant and menus available and in future if we can order from it this can make a difference in our life. Waiting for long queues to get our lunch is frustrating.


I am not sure whether this will come out as promising as we look at it but I feel this definitely will be a platform which can be used for events like nyc marathon etc. or I need to be a work out freak who does it regularly and have enough time for it . I am kind of a person who has no time to work out in my busy schedule and use an application for monitoring the work out will be too much for me. No time sorry..But can be good for people who take work out seriously.

I am not sure about this too. This is basically like meeting people online. A common platform for meeting people online and schedule meetings.I feel if i can schedule all my meetings in a common place it would be nice but to tell others I am meeting this persons will be a privacy issue.